We are a wahine led team of creative and strategic thinkers

Felicity Douglas and Sasha McLeod Sea Digital Directors

Agencies have earned themselves a pretty bad rap over the years. The sense that an agency will take your business and deliver the same one size fits all strategy to every client on their books leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It feels impersonal.

That’s not our vibe. Our service is tailored to your needs and it’s personal to us. We believe in transparency, which keeps you at the helm of the ship.

We go above and beyond to get you results. Our strategies are achievable and realistic, not just for the huge brands with limitless budgets, but for the genuine kiwi businesses that are working their arses off to make it work.

Sea launched in 2016 with the goal of making great digital marketing accessible for everyone, especially to those with tiny marketing teams.

When Felicity started Sea Digital with her partner Nev, she knew that it was time to do things differently. She wanted to do good work, for businesses that do good for the world. She also wanted to build a team of experienced creatives and marketers that had that same passion and care. In 2020, Sasha joined the Sea family and after three years has now joined forces with Felicity as a business partner.

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We’ve taken care to build a small but spectacular team, hiring only the most passionate specialists in their digital fields.

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What you Sea is what you get


When it comes to our partners accounts, we leave no stone unturned. We test. We poke. We prod. We ask "Why?" and "What if?" without hesitation.  Because when you stop learning, the waters get stagnant, and at Sea we're not about stagnant waters.

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In a world of filters and facades, we're all about authenticity. We're not interested in fitting into moulds; we're here to break them. We're unapologetically ourselves. We come as we are and we want you to do the same.


Picture an unobstructed view into our operations, decisions, and intentions. We're open about our processes, and honest with our opinions. This isn't just about revealing the good—it's the not-so-perfect moments too. We're clear and accountable, because growth thrives with honesty.


We don't throw in the towel when we come up against a challenge. We roll up our sleeves and create opportunities from even the most limited resources. Pushing boundaries and pushing ourselves. We're the team that turns constraints into catalysts for creativity.

We're ready to help you kick things up a notch.

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