Meet your team

We’ve taken care to build a small but spectacular team, hiring only the most passionate experts in their digital fields. That’s because not only are our people part of our team, they will also be a part of yours.


Partner / Head of Performance

Felicity's been captaining the ship, since she founded Sea. With over 18 years of experience in the brand and digital industry, she's has proven herself as a trusted pair of hands. Her unmatched relationship-building skills and out-of-the-box thinking have earned her a reputation for developing highly effective multi-channel strategies that grow client's reach and revenue right across the globe.


Partner / Head of Social Media

Sasha lives and breathes social media. Rumour has it that she scrolls the length of a football field on social media every day. After spending 5 years in London working on big brands across various different industries, she has returned to New Zealand soil brimming with ideas to help Kiwi businesses achieve great results. Sasha has an amazing eye for engaging content creation, copywriting, and excellent social media management. She will work tirelessly to build your brand awareness and engagement through organic and paid social promotion, crafting the right strategy for your budget.


Creative Lead

Seba is the creative mastermind behind pretty much everything we do (our words, not his). As a proud Chilean with a ceaseless smile, he always keeps our office upbeat. Seba has an impeccable eye for art direction, photography and filming. Rumour has it, he was even a qualified architect in a past life. He’s a die-hard perfectionist who wont rest until your content looks and feels exactly as it’s supposed to — and even then, he might still have a few more sparkles to add just in case.


Client and Growth Manager

Caue is our Client & Growth Manager extraordinaire! With over 7 years of experience in the hospitality and business development industries, Caue brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. He's the 'hustler' of our team, always ready to roll up his sleeves and tackle any challenge head-on. But Caue isn't just about work; he's also our resident social butterfly. His ability to connect with clients and colleagues alike is legendary. When he's not conquering the marketing world, Caue's sense of humour shines through. He believes that laughter is the best way to connect with others, and his infectious positivity is sure to brighten your day.


Senior Performance Manager

With 8+ years of media and publishing experience, Aarti is a media powerhouse, with an MBA to boot. But what really sets her apart is her ability to think outside the box and come up with disruptive, innovative marketing strategies that have helped over 300 brands achieve national and global success with Facebook Advertising. Whether she's maximising conversions or simply helping brands reach new heights, Aarti's targeted advertising techniques across all social platforms are truly second to none. And as if that weren’t enough, she's also known for her quirky sense of humour and love of all things unexpected, which makes working with her a true joy.


Social Media Coordinator

Amelia joined the Sea team as a Social Media Intern and made it immediately clear that she was here to stay. Amelia is studying communications at Victoria University of Wellington and we've made it her job to keep us young by keeping us up to date on gen-z slang. She's the queen of editing reels and TikToks and does it all while making us cry with laughter on a regular basis. We've never met someone who learns faster.


Head of Hospitality

She wouldn't like to hear us say this but Leica is all bark and no bite. She will greet you with some excited yaps when you enter the office and will give you big sad eyes until you play fetch with her favourite toy. If you really want to win her over, offer her an apple or carrot. Weird, we know.

Want to work at Sea?

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