Case Study: Cycle Journeys trail experiences

Learn how a three-phase summer campaign led to a 300% increase in potential customers for Cycle Journeys.

Cycle Journeys
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Case Study: Cycle Journeys trail experiences


Cycle Journeys is a New Zealand tourism business that sells end-to-end cycle trail experiences. Off the back of the COVID period and a wet winter, Cycle Journeys was looking to promote their three great cycle trails and increase bookings over the summer for West Coast Wilderness, Great Taste Trail and Alps 2 Ocean. This campaign was to build consideration of cycling over the winter/spring period, getting New Zealanders to explore the great trails. Our KPIs were an increase in traffic to the Cycle Journeys website and an increase in booking enquiries.


Primary target audience was 50+ New Zealanders, howeverever with the borders now open we saw a new opportunity to extend the campaign into Australia and entice Aussies over for a cycling/ adventure holiday. We recommended extending the campaign to key cycle hot spots in Australia.

Creative approach

A similar style of imagery has been used over a few seasons and needs to be refreshed to get cut through. We recognise that this refresh needs to be cost effective, and should capture the spirit of summer and the experience.

For this campaign we want to show the experience through the eyes of the rider, taking them through the trail highlights and evoke the sense of freedom and adventure that weekend adventure cyclists can relate to. We wanted to inspire our target demographic to act, and make the most of the outdoors, of time with friends - and of summer.

We worked with the client to shoot POV footage across the 3 great trails from our top-of-funnel ads, and countered the objections that people might have around to fit enough with emphasis on the accessible alternative of the e-bike for our MOF and bottom of the funnel we leaned into customer testimonials.

Media approach

We planned our 3-month campaign in three phases using display and search ads on Google and video on Meta.

Each phase had a different objective - awareness, consideration, conversion to moving them through the decision-making stages. We ran four separate campaigns in Australia and New Zealand to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and leads – five ad sets, and 19 ads. On Google we ran 5 campaigns, covering top, mid and bottom of funnel in Australia and New Zealand – 8 ad groups. Testing 30 assets over the course of the campaign.

TOF - Australia Search Ads
MOF - Responsive display ads



potential customers to the summer landing page


increase in users (compared to previous year)


booking enquiries