Case study: Ministry of Education

Learn how a new content production strategy resulted in the Ministry of Education having a constant stream of high-quality content.

Ministry of Education
Video Production
Case study: Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education were lacking in content for the Education Gazette. They knew they wanted high-quality video content but needed a system in place so that they could have a steady stream of that content coming in.


A few stories:

Education Gazette Centenary: Looking Ahead

Technologist Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl) and students from Newlands Intermediate School discuss the role digital technologies might play in the future of teaching and learning.

Celebrating 100 years: Looking Back

A montage of the past 100 years of education in Aotearoa New Zealand, as the Education Gazette celebrates 100 years of publication.

Learning From Home – A Student Experience

Karori Normal School Year 7 student Cooper Chong gives a personal account of learning from home during the lockdown.

Boosting Attendance & Engagement At Tāneatua School | Covid

Tāneatua School principal Mārama Stewart describes how a Brazilian jiu-jitsu program, supported by Urgent Response Funding, has helped improve attendance and engagement in school life.

Student agency at Paekākāriki School - Guiding Agentic Learning

Student agency at Paekākāriki School is all about who their students will be and the difference they might make in the world when they go on to secondary school and beyond.


Higher engagement through storytelling

Increased engagement in the Gazette's channels and amplified our stories on other social media platforms through different formats.

Visually engaging stories

Elevated the standard of the content produced by the Ministry, by crafting visually engaging stories through lighting, sound and solid storytelling. The focus is on capturing the essence of each story and delivering it in a visually appealing and impactful way.

Streamlined content creation

Developed a framework for creating content for YouTube and social media, ensuring a standardised approval process for Gazette content moving forward.